Serendipity is a noun meaning the act of making fortunate discoveries by accident. There are other meanings of course, some meaning luck or wonderful or joyful  but I like the fortunate discovery one the best as those are not ones you usually see.

  Some of the things I find, like the photos below are items that bring a smile to my face. A couple of them, found at the end of  old overgrown roads make me think I should never have ventured that way. Then there are the menacing looking cows that were actually friendly once I got to know them.....

The thoughts of going to the poor farm always made me think of when I was a child.  Often when I would ask for a treat or a new toy, my parents would say I was going to drive them to the 'poor farm.'   And Look! There actually was one.....

I have only included these photos for fun, not for sale and I will post more as I find them.  If you enjoy this sort of thing and have any you would like to share, send them on.

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