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Even though I often jump from one project to another: writing, painting, traveling, and entertaining , one thing has always been consistent in my life and that is photography. I try not to take myself too seriously but there is nothing I love more than jumping into my car at 5 in the morning and heading out to grab a sunrise. It's as though those 'dead end' streets and country roads call out just to me.

I named my site 'Sharon's Serendipity' as I seem to find unexpected things when out with my camera: new calves being born, deer and an egret meeting together unexpectedly,  a humongous table set in the middle of a horse ranch, complete with a bouquet of flowers.  It sure brightens up the day.  

I am so fortunate as I have been married to the greatest man for over 40 years.   He is my support when things don't always go my way and so encouraging  and honest when it comes to my photography.  He must get tired of always "going to shoot photos" whenever we go ANYPLACE .

I hope you have time to check out my website.  Photo gifts like mugs, puzzles,  phone covers and many other items taken from my photos are located in the same area where you can buy photos.  There is an area for comments so stop in and say hi.  I promise to get back to you and may give you a coupon for a photo. 

 My photos are guaranteed for 30 days. If you have any questions, please send me an email at shrsto@aol.com.  I will get back to you in a short time.  Thank you. I hope you all find your own serendipity. Look for it and it will pop up when you least expect it.